Modern Design theme for Grub2
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Usage: sudo ./ [OPTIONS...]

  -t, --theme     theme variant(s)          [tela|vimix|stylish|whitesur]       (default is tela)
  -i, --icon      icon variant(s)           [color|white|whitesur]              (default is color)
  -s, --screen    screen display variant(s) [1080p|2k|4k|ultrawide|ultrawide2k] (default is 1080p)
  -r, --remove    Remove theme              [tela|vimix|stylish|whitesur]       (must add theme name option, default is tela)

  -b, --boot      install theme into '/boot/grub' or '/boot/grub2'
  -g, --generate  do not install but generate theme into chosen directory       (must add your directory)

  -h, --help      Show this help

If no options are used, a user interface dialog will show up instead


  • Install Tela theme on 2k display device:
sudo ./ -t tela -s 2k
  • Install Tela theme into /boot/grub/themes:
sudo ./ -b -t tela
  • Uninstall Tela theme:
sudo ./ -r -t tela

Issues / tweaks:

Correcting display resolution:

  • On the grub screen, press c to enter the command line
  • Enter vbeinfo or videoinfo to check available resolutions
  • Open /etc/default/grub, and edit GRUB_GFXMODE=[height]x[width]x32 to match your resolution
  • Finally, run grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg to update your grub config

Setting a custom background:

  • Make sure you have imagemagick installed, or at least something that provides convert
  • Find the resolution of your display, and make sure your background matches the resolution
    • 1920x1080 >> 1080p
    • 2560x1080 >> ultrawide
    • 2560x1440 >> 2k
    • 3440x1440 >> ultrawide2k
    • 3840x2160 >> 4k
  • Place your custom background inside the root of the project, and name it background.jpg
  • Run the installer like normal, but with -s [YOUR_RESOLUTION] and -t [THEME] and -i [ICON]
    • Make sure to replace [YOUR_RESOLUTION] with your resolution and [THEME] with the theme


  • If you made changes to icons, or added a new one:
    • Delete the existing icon, if there is one
    • Run cd assets; ./
  • Create a pull request from your branch or fork
  • If any issues occur, report then to the issue page




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